Life is Complete When You Eat Cubans by the Beach.

For a short time my sister lived in Delray Beach, a picture perfect town between Boca Raton and Miami. It’s one of those charming places where every corner, street sign, beach spot and residence is curated to look simultaneously elegant and quaint while stopping just short of pretentious. Delray isn’t a big town. It has […]

Island Time in Sanibel & Captiva

On the southwest coast of the Florida peninsula there are two islands that, though they are popular vacation spots, preserve a calm sense of being removed from civilization. This serenity is probably partly due to the relative lack of vehicles. Instead, every hotel and vacation rental provides their guests with bikes for puttering around the […]

Welcome to Wine Country

What’s a trip to San Francisco if you don’t visit Wine Country? Mari said Ledson is a favorite so we took her advice and spent the day there. It didn’t disappoint. First of all, the grounds were stunning. The interior wasn’t too shabby either. And then there was the wine. O the wine… The tasting […]

Southern California: Hollywood, Pismo Beach, and The PCH.

After a week of being landlocked in the desert I was ecstatic to reach the California coast. We were eager to get to our hotel, The Pierpont Inn (Which was excellent. They upgraded us to a two room suite for free – Score!) in Ventura so we did a quick pass through Hollywood Boulevard and […]

We got our kicks…On Route 66!

  This song is familiar to most, but what it represents is something few have had the pleasure of experiencing. “U.S. Route 66”, “The Mother Road”, “The Main Street of America”… These are the designations for the stretch of highway that runs from “pier to pier”, Chicago to Santa Monica. It was established in 1926 […]

Route 66 Detour: The Grand Canyon!

Everyone told us that the Grand Canyon was something you spend a couple minutes looking at, check off your list, and then move on to lunch. They were so wrong. We arrived to the park after a stunning drive from Flagstaff through the mountains. We thought we would spend an hour or so and then […]

Into the Desert: New Mexico and Arizona

  I had never seen a desert, and at this point in the trip, I don’t know that it mattered much what the landscape was like as long as it was not Texas. I was giddy over crossing the TX-NM border because aside from Amarillo, it seemed like Texas was nothing but clusters of illogical […]

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

After driving two days with three wildling children and a Buick packed to the brim with suitcases, we finally made it to our first destination. While Texas was my least favorite state in our cross country journey, this stop in Amarillo was worthwhile. Cadillac Ranch is a landmark roadside tourist stop off the historical Route […]

4th of July at the Boggy Bayou

To kick off our cross country road trip we spent the holiday weekend with our good friend Aaron’s family in Niceville, FL. The “Boggy Bayou,” as the locals call it, is a small country town in the panhandle that boasts a peaceful waterfront not far from the popular spring break location, Destin Beach. We’ve done […]