4th of July at the Boggy Bayou

To kick off our cross country road trip we spent the holiday weekend with our good friend Aaron’s family in Niceville, FL. The “Boggy Bayou,” as the locals call it, is a small country town in the panhandle that boasts a peaceful waterfront not far from the popular spring break location, Destin Beach.

We’ve done several vacations with this crew (made up of four families that have a truck load, literally, of children) and we’re all old friends so it’s a great time.

The weekend was packed with boating, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, fishing, eating, and of course drinking.

On Sunday night the four of us girls decided to make it our mission to all stand on the paddleboard at the same time. After probably a dozen tries we managed to all balance for one glorious half second before toppling back in. At least our drunken flailing in the water was entertaining to the guys who were watching (and laughing) from the shore.


Each afternoon we swarmed the nearby swimming hole at Turkey Creek before heading to the lake house where inbetween water sports we lounged on the bank and enjoyed a spread of homemade southern grub.

On the 4th we celebrated in quintessential American fashion with a backyard BBQ and tacky red white and blue everything.

The lake was the place to be for fireworks because each year everyone anchors their boats in the main corner of the bayou and the city puts on a much more elaborate display than you would expect from a small town.

This past weekend was a perfect way to break into vacation mode. Now we’ve left our men behind and Mari and I are just about to cross the Mississippi River into Louisiana. Tonight we will stay with a friend in Texas and tomorrow we head for Arizona. We’ve already made so many memories and I’m definitely looking forward to the ones that are ahead.

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