Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX

After driving two days with three wildling children and a Buick packed to the brim with suitcases, we finally made it to our first destination. While Texas was my least favorite state in our cross country journey, this stop in Amarillo was worthwhile.


Cadillac Ranch is a landmark roadside tourist stop off the historical Route 66. The installation was created by an art group by the name of “Ant Farm” in 1974. Fun Fact: The angle of the cars corresponds with the slope of the Pyramids of Giza.


Route 66 offers several opportunities to leave your mark on the American landscape and this was one of them. Spray cans, most baked into the mud, were available so that you could add your own graffiti layer to the cars.

The kids unsurprisingly were ecstatic about this.

Cadillac-Family .png

After sitting in a car all day, climbing a bunch of Cadillacs stuck in the ground was a welcome activity.


Unfortunately we couldn’t stay long because we still had more ground to cover but we did catch this on the way out:



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