Southern California: Hollywood, Pismo Beach, and The PCH.

After a week of being landlocked in the desert I was ecstatic to reach the California coast. We were eager to get to our hotel, The Pierpont Inn (Which was excellent. They upgraded us to a two room suite for free – Score!) in Ventura so we did a quick pass through Hollywood Boulevard and then journeyed north.


To be honest, we were pretty disappointed by our time in L.A. Not because L.A. isn’t great, but because we didn’t plan our time well. We walked the stars and I was pretty excited to find this fave, but otherwise the boulevard really wasn’t worth the time. We couldn’t see the Hollywood sign in the hills from the road, so I took this shot to satisfy my need for cheesy tourist pics:

Hollywood Bl

We were eager to get out of the city and to the beach so we cruised down Santa Monica Boulevard and when we reached the pier I was confronted with the Pacific Ocean. It was my first time seeing it, and as dumb as this may seem, I actually got a little choked up (okay, maybe the lack of sleep was starting to get to me).

It wasn’t until the next day, which we spent on Pismo Beach, that I actually got to enjoy the ocean. It was chilly, but it felt good to be back near the water.

Feet in the PacificPacific Ocean

To say that Pismo Beach was beautiful is an understatement. The air was a crisp 75 degrees, the sky was clear, and the powdered sand was the perfect bedding for an afternoon nap. To the north, the coast was lined with distant mountains, and to the south was an old wooden pier. It could not have been a more pleasant scene.

Pismo Beach MountainsPismo Beach PierPismo-Beach-Surf-Boards

To boot, brunch blew my mind. We ate at this trendy beach bar-cafe named Wooly’s. The menu was fresh, reasonably priced, and the thorough selection of local beers was refreshing. I had the kale shrimp salad, which paired well with a Sunny Daze Citrus Pale Ale. Between the exquisite view and the incredible meal I could not have imagined a more gorgeous day.

Pismo-MariShrimp SaladWooly's BeerWooly's-Pismo-PatioWooly's

Post lunch we dozed off on the beach and took it all in. The geocode on Snapchat for Pismo is “The Happiest City in America” and I have to say I agree.

Pismo SignTennis-Shoes-Beach

On our way out we stopped at elephant seal beach, and let me tell you, these plump creatures were pretty amusing. In fact, I think they were enjoying the lazy afternoon even more than we were.

Elephant Seal BeachElephant Seals

Take a closer look at the serenity on that haggard face:

Elephant Seal

The day couldn’t get any better but it did. We drove up the Pacific Coast Highway, and we had no idea what we were in for. If you don’t know about the PCH, it’s a 5 hour stretch of narrow road squeezed between Coastal Mountain Range and cliffs that drop right into the ocean. There is no phone signal. No gas stations. And no road out once your on. Don’t get me wrong, the views were spectacular. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, but we were terrified. Mari is afraid of heights and I’m afraid of speeding cars around sharp corners. The frequent “Beware of Falling Rocks” signs weren’t exactly helping.

In hindsight it was comical how nervous we were, and it was totally worth it. There weren’t many places to stop so I only got a couple photos, but a quick google search and you can can see how stunning this drive is. I highly recommend it and I will definitely be doing it again.

PCH-San Luis ObisboPacific Coast Highway



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  1. Yes, LA is a tough place to visit without a definite plan: huge, sprawling, lots of traffic, and places like Hollywood Blvd. have become tourist traps that don’t reflect the diversity and never-ending number of fascinating places to see. Glad you enjoyed Pismo Beach, the Central Coast and the drive north. Well done.

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