Foggy Summer in San Francisco: Little Boxes, Amoeba Records, and a Stroll Through China Town.

We had finally reached our last destination. For the previous week and a half we had spent every day in a different city so it was a relief to have a few days in one spot before making the 3000 mile journey back home to Florida. It was my first time in SF so I did my best to fit it all in: the Golden Gate, Haight and Ashbury, Shopping District, Sonoma, China Town…It was a packed weekend.

Apparently a fog settles over the city daily. For a girl who normally loves nothing but sunshine, I have to admit it’s eerily beautiful.


These aren’t ordinary houses. They were the inspiration for the song “Little Boxes“. Written in 1962 by Malvina Reynolds, which is best known as the theme song for the Showtime drama, Weeds.

The whole reason we were in SF was to visit Mari’s brothers, and their hospitality was much appreciated. They not only let us crash on their couches, but gave us a thorough tour of the city. It was also great to know people because it meant we got to preview their brews. Mari’s older brother Bobby had this amazing porter with overtones of apricot that was excellent. Her friend’s wine was pretty fantastic too. We had toured in Sonoma the day before and I have to say, Thirsty Vine was on par.

Views of the city were stunning. Taking the Bard was certainly a nice change of pace from driving. The Golden Gate was honestly underwhelming, but iconic, so we couldn’t exactly skip it.

China town on the other hand… Well it was my first time in one, so I’ll admit, ya, I was a little camera happy.


My favorite section of the city was definitely the historical Haight-Ashbury. This district is known for it having been the locus for the hippie movement in the 60’s.


It is also home to the Amoeba Music record store which boasts a collection of over 100,000 CD’s and Vinyl that consumes a 24,000 square foot warehouse.


When we go back I definitely want to spend more time in the Haight.

In sum, SF, although only 47 square miles, has more to do than I ever could have fit in during my brief visit. It’s a perfect blend of trendy, historic, smart, and ornate. If you have the opportunity, go.

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  1. Very nice post — and photos! I remember once, in the 90’s, I think it was, watching a street entertainer — a comic — down near The Wharf when suddenly he yelled to someone across the street, “Hey, Supercuts owes you five dollars!” ‘Cracked us up!
    ps — thanks for checking out my blog. When you get a minute, please check out my other one:

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  2. Amoeba Records is so much fun. I’ve spent many happy hours browsing the racks. I go in the store with a CD or two in mind to look for and get totally sidetracked, buying all sorts of fun treasures. Fun times! Thanks for triggering some fun memories!

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  3. I love San Francisco! It’s my favorite city in the USA. Your pictures are stunning, especially the colorful buildings in Haight-Ashbury! I haven’t been there in a long time. Last December we visited family there but we didn’t have a lot of time for sightseeing.

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  4. Thanks for sharing your SF photos! Lots of fond memories for me. Buried on my blog there are some B&W photos I took in 1970 in SF during a time when I was much younger and had dreams of living in the city. It was such a different place and vibe in 1970, but still has some of that magic I think. Best wishes!

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      1. Maybe I’ll repost a few of those old SF images. If I do I’ll let you know. During 1967 (Summer of Love) I was nearly 16 and on a rare vacation with my family. We passed through SF, on 101 that cuts through the city and to the GG Bridge. I remember vividly sitting in the back seat and thinking I really wanted to jump out of the car at a stop light on Van Ness and scurry off to Haight Ashbury! That would have been an adventure πŸ˜‰. The city has always called me, it seems.

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