About Sun and Gold

Ciao! We are Chelsea and David, and although we are Italian bred, we are Sunshine State born and raised.  We’re a likely duo: beach babies, foodies, goof balls…we relish good experiences, and we pride ourselves on knowing how to create them.

Our professional lives have been eclectic to say the least. I’ve worked in hospitality, medical care, and academia. My grand achievement thus far is a Master’s Degree in Ancient History, and I currently teach World History at a local high school. Meanwhile, Dave has a whole other set of expertise. He has worked in construction, marketing, IT, and currently runs his own company, Gold Lens Media. We place high value in our work, but like anyone we enjoy our play so much more.

Therefore, Sun & Gold is about what we really do. Since we ardently believe in all the cheesy inspirational mantras: “work to live, not live to work,” “collect memories, not things,” “work hard, play hard,” “sun’s out, buns out,” “Yolo,” etc. etc.… We decided to create a space where we can archive and share all our favorite moments, in Florida and beyond.

Our aim is to resist complacency, shrug mundanity, embrace activity, and inspire others to do the same. Culture, learning, creativity, positivity, awkward moments, exploration, gold accents, big smiles, and of course sunshine are among the elements that we promote.

More, we invite you to enjoy and partake. Each picture and post represents a memory that we crafted and cherish. Our hope is that you are encouraged to learn, create, and experience along with us. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your participation.

Alla Bella Vita!