Road Trip! Summer 2016

As a perk for going into education, I’ve had the whole summer off. All I wanted to do was travel, but as a recent grad, I had to secure a job first. After a month of applications, interviews, and paperwork, I finally landed my dream job around mid June. My new career as a History […]

The B Resort and Spa, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

For the first time in years we both have weekends free together, so we are trying to make the most of them while we can. After a week of tropical storm downpour we were desperate to get out in the sun, so when we saw that the forecast was clear until 3pm-ish, we booked it […]

Two Sisters, One Pool, and a House Mix

Now that Summer has officially arrived, it was time for an overdue sister date. Being the water babies we are, Rachel and I hit the pool before having fajita night and embarking on the new season of Orange is the New Black. Music always sets the tone for a pool day. Sometimes it’s a Reggae […]

Asian Food Fest and Florida Brews

Food truck rallies have recently been dominating weekends in Tampa Bay. This past Saturday’s main event was the Asian Food Fest in Seminole Heights. Every food truck switched up their menu and added a flare of Asian flavor. It was no easy task choosing which truck I’d have lunch from that day – they all […]

Fort De Soto

Five islands, over 1,000 acres of water, sand, mangroves, and palm trees – Fort DeSoto is a Floridian paradise.   You can camp, swim, barbecue, fish, bike the trails, or explore the 19th c. Spanish fort. I’ve been enjoying this place since I was a kid and I still haven’t seen it all. Every trip […]

BBQ, Young the Giant, and Crowd Surfing

Shirtless boys, bralets, beers, boats, bands and the hot hot Florida sunshine. That’s the 97X backyard BBQ. The festival happens every year in Vinoy Park in Downtown St. Petersburg. This was my first year attending. The magic of my BBQ experience began when I heard that there was a “free ticket drop” at Ferg’s Sports […]

The Local Locale Market

Locale Market is the new kid on the block in DTSP. Its prime location in the Sundial dining-shopping plaza certainly drew the community’s attention. We’ve eaten here probably a dozen times now, and it has yet to disappoint. The atmosphere alone makes the market worth a visit. Fresh cut flowers, giant fish on ice, large […]

Venice! Beach, FL

The first couple of weeks after graduation I had a difficult time adjusting to a lighter schedule. I was used to the constant pressure of grad school, which meant never really having time to just relax because there was always – always – something that had to be done. Another article to read, papers to […]

The Sunshine State of Mind

Being from Florida means beach, sun, and bikinis all the time. And I mean all the time. Restaurant, gas station, grocery store, doesn’t matter. A bikini is always appropriate attire. Well okay, I’m exaggerating. Of course there are places that you probably shouldn’t wear ONLY a swimsuit, but that doesn’t always stop folks from doing […]